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Research Profile

As a private practice, we are open to collaboration and research support. 

Key areas of interest:- 

develop school years

  • Sleep 
  • Sensory 
  • Play 
  • Complex co-morbidities 
  • Rapport building: therapist/family relationships 
  • Use of occupational therapy measures (eg: BOT-2, Sensory Profile)
  • Group therapy 
  • Family Experiences 
  • NDIS experience 
  • Home modification
  • Equipment prescription
  • School environments
  • Education and learning 
  • Rare and significant disability
  • Therapist experiences
  • Case study opportunities

We can also offer:

  • Project support and coordination 
  • Assistance with grant applications 
  • Co-authorship and co-investigation
  • Supervision of students (eg. external co-supervision of research students)

Previous Contributions to Research 

Murchland & Finlay, 2019, Independence…At last! A practical analysis of the impact of environmental modifications to the bathroom for two teenagers with Autism, Develop Therapy Services

Promoting Participation Through Early Intervention: Population Occupational Therapy Pilot in South Australia Schools to Identify Children of Concern, 2015-2016. Department of Education and Child Development, Government of South Australia. Results of a large population screening for over 900 children in a northern area of Adelaide, using a quick screening tool to identify children identified with participation challenges. Presentations at Occupational Therapy Pan Pacific Conference, Perth WA and Early Childhood Intervention Association (ECIA), Melbourne VIC.

An environmental modification can allow independence and improve quality of life: A case study of a bathroom intervention for two teenagers with Autism. 2016. Participant co-researcher design, semi-structured interview, and thematic content analysis. Presentations at Occupational Therapy Pan Pacific Conference, Perth WA.

Sensory Room Evaluation, Scosa SA, 2015. A site based evaluation report of sensory rooms. Observation, and informal interviewing of staff in order to make recommendations regarding resources, typical use, and access.

Assistive Technology Solutions for Students with Physical Disabilities: an analysis of utility, costs, and student satisfaction. 2005 – 2009 Chief Investigator $61 000 2 year grant from Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation. Examining the user satisfaction with the use of assistive technology within the school and home settings to assist in promoting learning outcomes. Multiple methodologies containing postal survey, satisfaction questionnaire, in-depth interviews, costing analysis.

Making music through movement: The efficacy of the Virtual Music Instrument (VMI) for developing early communicative and play behaviours in children with severe and multiple disabilities. 2008-10 $48 000 2 year grant from Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation. (Co-Chief Investigator with Dr. Parimala Raghavendra) A multiple single-subject experimental trial exploring how unstructured and structured interventions with the VMI develop play and communicative behaviours.

The efficacy of functional splinting of the upper limb in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. 2009-10 Chief Investigator $43 000 grant from Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation. An exploratory study exploring the efficacy of using neoprene functional hand splints to position the wrist in a functional position and increase the functional ability of the hand.

Uraidla Sustainability Study: Prepared to meet course requirements for Designing Sustainable Communities, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, University of Adelaide, July 2009

The outcomes of Botulinum A Toxin injections into the muscles of children with spasticity of central origin. A collaborative project with Dr Ray Russo, Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist, Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Fourteen children aged between 2 and 17 years have been followed at 1, 2, 3, and 6 months post injection to determine the outcomes on hand use and daily function.

Embedding the wellness approach to health and disability in policies and practices of allied health providers. 2006-7 Co-investigator with S Saggers, H Wildy, L Roarty, A Paskevicius, F Tilley, P Ciccarelli, A Hurwood, L Carr, P Raghavendra, M Crowley, & M Re. An Edith Cowan University Industry Collaboration scheme.

Murchland S., Kernot., J, 2005, Unravelling Handwriting: The handwriting abilities of children aged 8-13 years with hemiplegia, Novita Children's service & Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation, available here

Therapy and equipment needs of people with cerebral palsy and like disabilities in Australia. SA Project Officer for joint CP Australia and Australian Insititute of Health and Welfare Project.

Unraveling Handwriting: the fine-motor, visual perceptual, and handwriting abilities of children aged 8 – 13 years who have hemiplegia. 2004-6 Chief Investigator: $16 500 grant from Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation. A descriptive study of the fine motor, visual perceptual and handwriting abilities of 24 children aged between 8 – 13 years who are attending mainstream primary schools.

Resource Allocation Project. 2002-3 Project Officer An action research project to develop a model for allocation of staff resources across the organisation. It involved qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Handwriting in children with hemiplegia: a profile of abilities. 2002. Co-Investigator. Parents and teacher survey to determine the extent and nature of handwriting abilities in children aged between 8 – 13 years.

Interventions strategies to develop the ability of pre-school children with physical disabilities to become spontaneous and independent players. 2003. A Novita OT Discipline evidence based practice review.

Country Services Evaluated: a pilot study comparing the motor and functional progress of city and country clients of CCA. 2001. Co-investigator with Sue Durand, physiotherapist, and Pauline McGregor, Regional Manager, CCA. A matched group of country and city children were reviewed after 12 months to identify if there were any significant differences in their rates of developmental progress with differing methods of specialist intervention.

Early Intervention: when is it too late? 2001. Co-investigator with Sue Durand, physiotherapist . A case study of an eight year old boy following an intensive program to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Postgraduate Educational Needs in Paediatric Eating and Drinking for Health Workers in South Australia. 1998. This was a sub-project of the Primary Health Care Initiatives Project on Continuity of Care for families with children with eating and drinking difficulties, undertaken at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide.

Splinting the Upper Limb in Children with Hemiplegia: a study of the current practice of physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Australia. 1995. This study was undertaken to complete the thesis requirements for the course work Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy.

The Use of Computers by Occupational Therapists within the Spastic Centres of South Australia. 1992 This study was undertaken as a partial requirement for the Master’s Subject, Technology and Therapeutics.

The Effectiveness of a Dorsal Hand Splint with Cerebral Palsy. 1994. Co-investigator with Cathy Henderson-Wilson and Bob Hall, occupational therapist at the Spastic Centres of South Australia, this study examined the effects of wearing a dorsal hand splint on muscle tone and hand function


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