• Develop Speech

    Speech Pathologists work with people to support communication. They recognise that language is an important part of culture and the way people connect.

    Communication can mean listening, talking, socialising, understanding, using different languages, making choices and indicating preferences.

    Speech pathology is focused on helping people develop useful ways to:

    • show what they want and need
    • share their thoughts and beliefs
    • express feelings and desires
    • respond to the communications of others

    Our team of Speech Pathologists use a range of different approaches that may include helping people to develop:

    • new skills such as speech sounds
    • an understanding concepts
    • ways to communicate their desires
    • positive communication partnerships to enable noticing and responding
    • alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems such as key word signing and Assistive Technology Devices

    The Speech Pathologists may work individually or in small groups. Joint therapy appointments with therapists of other disciplines may be offered.

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