• Develop Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with people to support their participation in everyday activities.  This can include self-care activities, leisure, play, work and life skills such as social skills or accessing the community.

    • Seek to discover each individual’s strengths, and what is making the doing challenging by looking, listening, suggesting, and exploring abilities. 

    • Support individuals to participate in a range of activities through teaching skills, changing the environment to better support engagement, looking at how objects are used or varying the way of doing things.

    • Help in situations which matter to someone, such as learning to use scissors, learning to play, coping with changes, concentrating on a task, accessing the bathroom, cooking, catching the bus, gardening …. the list goes on depending on what people want and need to do at any time.

    • Bring a range of therapeutic approaches to support their interventions recognising that one approach does not suit all, and at times one thing needs to be tried at a time.

    • Support people by trialing and prescribing equipment like wheelchairs, beds, chairs, and changes to homes such as ramps and home modifications.

    Occupational Therapists can work one-on-one with individuals at home or in the community or work in small groups towards a common goal.  Joint therapy appointments with therapists of other disciplines may be offered.

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