develop adult years
The adult team works with individuals to support their independence in everyday activities and leisure.

This may include:

  • working with people to help them gain skills
  • exploring potentials for new interests
  • understanding strengths and strategies for growth
  • adapting the environment for greater access
  • working with significant others to facilitate engagement
  • planning for transitions
  • assistive technology prescription and training.

Services are provided:

  • by a team of Aquatic Therapists, Developmental Educators, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Social Workers, and Speech Pathologists
  • at home, in child-care and early learning environments, in our clinic rooms, or through Aquatic Therapy as required and appropriate. Location and frequency of services are negotiated with families
  • in individual sessions, small group programmes and joint sessions
  • may include equipment prescription and home modifications.


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