School Years

develop school years
The school years team recognises that the transition from being a family member to being a student and member of class and school community is a big part of a child’s life.

In the early school years, the team supports the transition into the school environment. We like to work collaboratively with the student’s educators to assist in positive learning experiences.

In later school years the team may assist in the transition to post-school options.

The team also supports children with what they and their families need, want and delight in doing in the different aspects of their life. This can include everyday activities, leisure and social skills.

We focus on:

  • promoting independence
  • encouraging new experiences
  • developing skills with children and families
  • preparing for transitions
  • enabling coping in new environments
  • connecting with peers to develop friendships and common interests

Services are provided:

  • by a team of Aquatic Therapists, Developmental Educators, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Social Workers, and Speech Pathologists
  • at home, in child-care and early learning environments, in our clinic rooms, or through Aquatic Therapy as required and appropriate. Location and frequency of services are negotiated with families
  • in individual sessions, small group programmes and joint sessions
  • may include equipment prescription and home modifications.


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