First Steps

The first visit from Develop is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and you will meet one or two members of the team.

We start to gather the important information you want to share and to understand the next steps. 

At the first visit we aim to:

  • get to know you a bit more as an individual
  • explore the strengths you have as an individual or family unit
  • begin to understand the challenges faced in everyday activities
  • decide where therapy will be located
  • decide what therapies are required and how often
  • how you would like to best communicate with us - phone calls, text or email
  • make sure we have all the paperwork completed such as consent forms and service agreements
  • discuss funding and charges

This means we all know what we are doing, why and when.

Following this visit, we will work with you to start therapy at chosen locations, including meeting the administrative requirements of schools or community agencies for our therapists to attend.


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