Next Steps

Next steps incude:


 As part of this making an assessment we may:

  • watch what someone is doing and how they are interacting to assess their abilities
  • gather further information from contexts of home, school, and day activities
  • perform standardised assessments
  • make plans for actions to create change


Therapy is usually play and leisure based and involves working towards a goal using activities which are meaningful.  We are able to support someone learning a new skill or independence through the use of the environment, the activity and ourselves as people. You will see us

  • engaging in activities which work on chosen goals
  • trialing equipment
  • using different positions to work on a task
  • connecting within a group
  • chatting


Reports are written when needed.   These can range in timeframe and are discussed with individuals.

Again, this is not a ‘straight line’ and the amount of time we spend on each of these steps is variable.  Sometimes it is fast, sometimes this takes time.  At all assessment and therapy appointments please ask questions, have a yarn, drink a coffee.



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